Dolphins Sight Seeing in North Bali

You don’t have to go far for dolphins sight seeing. It’s been popular for the past few years in North Bali, Bali Indonesia. Some sneak preview of my previous trip to North Bali. 

Some trip advise just for you :

  1. Planned a night stay at North Bali (nearby Lovina Beach). This is to avoid getting up early (2/3am in the morning, it took about 3 hours journey from Kuta Town) 
  2. You will leave the shore as early as 6am depending on the tides. (Note : As informed by my private local driver, after the sunrise, it is very difficult to see the dolphins as they swim much lower than the surface)
  3. Pre-arrange driver to take you to North Bali from airport (as it is sometimes cheaper than airport cab or they may get cheaper rate for you as they may have good relationship with the boatman)

Some information for you:
Fee : IDR 500,000 each for this sight seeing (including breakfast)

Duration : About 2 hours 

Life Jacket : Provided

Small boats used during the sight seeing
Dolphins (Take 1)
Dolphins (Take 2)

Note to self : Based on my experience, there would be easily 50 boats or more (during peak season) that going around chasing after dolphins. Therefore, this could be my one and only time going for dolphins sight seeing. 


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