Unboxing Huda MR !!

Parcel Arrived !! 

Unboxing the custom made beading by my babe, Huda. This is a shawl I ordered for Mama since her birthday is coming soon (Ooops it’s tomorrow). And yesh, parcel arrived just in time. Opps, I ordered 2 others for myself (knowing me.. Hahaha)

Huda, my friend, did a very good job from hunting the best quality beads, to sewing it on 1-by-1 all by herself and ensure all products are good in hand. I’m highly recommending her  if you are looking for some detailing works done on your shawl/ clothing or looking for new clothing for your wardrobe.

You may follow her on instagram (@huda_mr) for latest design or custom made. 

When I first receive this parcel today, I was “wow-ed” !!! OMG !! It’s so pretty ~ Thanks again Huda 😉

Huda MR’s packaging.. Pretty isn’t?
Unboxing the parcel !!
White shawl with white & gold beads work done
Pink shawl with blue, silver and pink beads
White shawl with blue beads


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