Favorite Night Market in Taiwan !!

What do you first think of when it comes to Taiwanese Food? – Oyster Mee Suah, Oyster Pancake, Taiwan Sausages, Beef Noodles etc. And you can enjoyed all these in Night Market as well. 

I was in Taipei with the Mr for our prewedding photo shooting and we decided to extend out stay to explore Taiwan mainly in Taipei and Taichung. As you may already knew that Taiwan have most popular night market with local delicacies as well as snacks and shopping. 

When I was back from the trip, most people asked me whether did I visited Shilin Night Market. Honestly, Mr and I decided to skip the night market after getting reviews from the local there including our Taiwanese team for photoshooting, local people we met and our private driver (for driving us to places not within the train stations).

We’ve been to numerous night markets and I have the hard time to choose 1 of my favorite night market. So, I nominated 2 most favorite night market of mine; and my most favorite food from these night markets (bear in mind, I’m cutting it short here because there are plenty of blogs on food recommendations and which I agreed with most of it that its worth trying)

1. Feng Jia Night Market, Taichung

While you at this night market, a must ordered food here is the stinky toufu. I think this stall have the most tasty stinky toufu than those I had in Taipei city. And the portion was so good !!

This night market is situated next to Fengjia University. There are lots of youngster and many of them can be seen working as part timers here (I guessed so). The food sold here are very cheap and awesome taste; whereas shopping at this area is consider cheap as well. 

Must Try : Stinky Toufu @ Feng Jia Night Market

Feng Jia Night Market

Xitun District, Taichung

Opening hours : 2.00pm to 1.00am
2. Raohe Night Market, Taipei

What you need to give a try here? – Aiyu Jelly !! But, not any aiyu jelly seller okay? You must head to this old aunty’s stall. 

Out of so many Aiyu jelly drink that I tried, this is the only one giving me the best ever impression (even now that I’m talking about it makes my mouth watering.. Slurppp!!). Her Aiyu Jelly is very chewy (or sometimes we said “Q”). 

Trust me, despite Aiyu Jelly is my favorite, this is my first time looking at the real fruit !! (please don’t laugh at me)

Aiyu Jelly Stall @Raohe Night Market
The fruits..

Raohe Night Market 

Raohe Street, Songshan District

Opening hours : 5.00pm to 12.00am

(You may take MRT to Raohe station)
The Mr and I spent 2 nights hunting for food and snacks shopping at both night markets which I nominated. Splendid. And if I have a chance to return to Taiwan, these 2 night markets is on top of the list !! 


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