Ecotools Brush Haul !! 

Ecotools Brush Haul !! 

After waiting patiently for almost 2 weeks, finally its here !! The Ecotools makeup brushes. It’s mixture of both mini size which is suitable for traveling purpose and actual size (normal size). 

I came across this brand while viewing on Kathleen Lights youtube channel on the affordable brushes which as good as high end brand. I’ve yet to use it with any products buy merely touches the brushes, I would said it is very soft. 

Hopefully, the brush will be as good as all the reviews I came across so far. *fingers crossed*

By the way, the EcoTools collection of makeup brushes has everything you need to apply your makeup flawlessly. They have incredibly soft bristles, sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and are 100% cruelty free.

I’m going to try these pretties soon enough..

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