Chinese Oriental Wedding Reception 

I decided to wear “Qun Kwa” or chinese traditional wedding gown during the dinner reception, we decided to go for Chinese Oriental theme/ concept. Since none of my relatives/ family members have done this theme before, hence, it is not a repetition. 

We are pleased with the outcome of our engaged event stylist on the decorations they worked with less than 24hours, and not forget their first experience doing this concept. Definitely loved everything including the small tiny details they worked on. 

We left without any worries as we promptly and frequently received updates and follow ups throughout the entire collaboration with the stylist. The stylist is very friendly and responsible which added merit to the team. 

Not just the Mr and I, but all the guests invited were wow-ed with the decorations put up that night.

A big round of applause to them. *Thumbs up*

The decorations includes :

  1. Entrance Arch
  2. Walking Aisle
  3. Guests Registration Section
  4. Photo Albums Section
  5. Tea Ceremony Section
  6. Main table 

We skipped the stage decoration as the venue is embeded with the LED screen backdrop. However, we do include a section for tea ceremony as we are going to have a short tea ceremony for the elderly relatives. 

Here are some of the snaps : 

Entrance Arch
Welcome Board (with stamps – which the guests may leave their finger print)
Guests Registration Section
Photo Albums Section
Tea Ceremony Section
Main Table Decorations
Main Table Decorations (Closed up)
Aisle Decoration (Closed up)
If you are looking for event stylist, I would recommend them. You may contact them through one of the top social media Facebook : M.A Event Stylist. 


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