Melvita MyCybersale Haul !!

Discover the organic Melvita Floral waters. 

Usually, it came in 200ml packaging which is huge amount of product and not quite convenient in term of carrying around unless you did your own transfer into smaller bottles. 

With the recent #mycybersale campaign, they came out with smaller packaging (30ml). This would be perfect to carry on flight to maintain moisture while on plane or carrying around in your purse / hand bag. 

My take away of this product is that its really combat against dehyration on skin. Out of all floral water, my most favorite would be the Organic Rose Floral Water. It smells fresh and delicate, sweet yet refreshing. 

If you are reluctant to purchase it (200ml) for the first time, you may not want to missed this smaller packaging as you may treat it as trial kit while sale is on. 

Mycybersale Melvita Haul !!

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