My Carousell Experience 

Today I’m going to share my experience on shopping with Carousell Apps. If you have no idea what is Carousell, here is some information for you. 
Carousell – Is a community marketplace for seller to upload stuffs they wishes to sell from fashions, jewelry, books, home appliances, beauty/cosmetics related stuffs and etc within clicks. And buyers who are interested may open a chat to know more details about the deal and subsequent make a offer and proceed with transaction. 

My experience – Overall, I have love-hate relationship with the transactions I had via this marketplace. I do get good stuffs from here, but at the same time, I meet terrible people (buyer and seller) as well.

For example: 

Buyer A – promises to paid the remaining balance which ended up MIA (missing in action); even though keep promising that will do the payment, and then followed by numerous reasons which makes A couldn’t transac, and lastly MIA. 

Seller A – described items as flawless and good, not used it before etc. But, when I received the product, it is not likely as what has been described. 

Seller B – having trouble and keep on delaying on refunding the balance of the payment as B forgot to order the stuffs she put on preorder basis. But, I’ve paid for it already. 

Buyer B – MIA after making offer

Scammers – yes, there are a lot of scammers who do ask for Whatsapp to transac better which then the account is suspended after a while. Tsk tsk, I don’t entertain this type of transaction but it gets me annoyed. 

Well, for some reasons report to Carousell is always ended as :

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out and alerting us. We’re terribly sorry to hear about this.

As Carousell is a platform for buyers and sellers to connect with one another, we do not have the power or control over dealings between individual buyers and sellers.

But that said, we have reached out to the seller to ask for an update while in the meantime, you may like to leave a feedback for her to share your transactional experience too as that can help others assess her credibility before transacting with her. 
Once again terribly sorry for this negative experience. We are concerned about this and rest assured we are looking at ways to deter this from happening. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

So, whether will I recommend this Apps – well, you make your own judgement in your decision. You do get great deal and great stuffs, but at the same time, you’ll need extra careful on who you are deaing with on the other side. 

Image googled from the web. Not solely own by me.

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