Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Fitting)

Up next, I would like to write about this Wine Lipstick by Labiotte. 

For your information, Labiotte produces two types of lipstick, Melting & Fitting. 

Labiotte Melting Wine Lipstick – is more on creamy finishes, colour/ shades wise is  similar as Fitting Wine Lipstick. Will try this out in future. 

Labiotte Fitting Wine Lipstick – it has velvet finishes (very close to matte) is what I loved most about it. Same as their lip tint, it does contain wine extract which keep your lips moisturise. 

Each of the lipstick come in 3.5g. Another travel friendly. 

This series have 4 colours/ shades namely : RD01 Malbec Burgandy, RD02 Pinot Red, RD03 Cabernet Red, and RD04 Sauternes Red. 

Long lasting – yes, I got no problem of wearing it the whole day without touching up. Highly recommended !

Pigmentation – highly pigmented and because of that, it is very easy to apply. I would say it has full coverage too. 

Moisture – Moisturising, again may be due to the wine extract as claimed by the Company. 

Packaging – As lovely as its lip tint !!

Material – This lipstick is much softer than the usual lipstick we got in the market such as Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, Dior etc, however, rest assured that it doesn’t melt that easy. I do slight comparison with BBIA Last Lipstick which I got, I would said this Labiotte lipstick come in second place. 

My rating as follow : 

Moisture : 4.5/5

Long wearing : 5/5

Packaging : 5/5

Pigmentation : 4.5/5 (based on 2 shades I purchased – RD01 and RD04)

Price : 4/5

Labiotte Fitting Wine Lipstick : Left (RD04); Right (RD01)

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