Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder

Having problem with olive skin? Face makeup turning bad by noon time? Feeling your face is more shinny due to oily skin? 

Today  K-beauty product review : Zero Sebum Drying Powder is your solution. 

This powder by Etude House contains 80% mineral that makes skin look clear and matte without clumps. It’s really good in doing its job as oil control. You can either applying it as loose powder to set your makeup, or baking your under eyes. It comes with a little puff for application, but I do love using fluffy makeup brush for application. 

I’ve been using this for good 2 weeks without fail, eventhough it is not as translucent and find as I thought. 

Overall, I find it really good – here are my reviews :

Price : Perfect. It was priced at reasonable price compare to any drugstore loose powder/ transculant powder.

Effect : provides good matte finishes and oil control. Since it doesn’t contained any colour, it is much perfect for setting makeups as it will not change any pigment of the existing powder/ foundation applied onto the skin. 

Size & Packaging – it comes in 1 size only at the moment (6g), and little sponge puff was included. Convenient and travel friendly. The container is slightly bigger as compare to other Korean makeup brand, but this is okay. I think the size is perfect for easy care & handle.

Application – Brush if much perfect as applicator to set your makeup so that it doesn’t ruin your face makeup, and use beauty blender for baking the under eyes is perfect. 

My rating for this product :

Price : 4/5

Size & Packaging : 4/5

Finishes : 4/5

Oil control : 4/5

Application : 4/5

Packaging of the Zero Sebum Powder by Etude House
Zero Sebum Powder by Etude House


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