Homemade Bak Kwa (Rougan) / Dried Meat

Bakkwa – is immensely popular in Singapore and Malaysia where it is usually eaten during Chinese New Year. There are many famous brand which sells 365 days a year not only on Chinese Mew Year. Local vendors however only selling it mainly during Chinese New Year.

I found it less tasty compare to those I had many years ago and of course I always have doubt over their process and hygine.Since there is a class organised by the neighbourhood community, the Mr. suggest that we make our very own bak kwa this year.  After trying out the original recipe, I’ve made a lil tweek to the recipe.

This recipe is easier to make at home (having not drying it under the hot sun), all you need is Oven. To make it more fresh for consumption, we made ours 3 days before the Chinese New Year, and placed it in the freezer. We only grilled it on black charcoal on Chinese New Year eve. (Of course, when the guest are here for visiting, we got it reheat again (by grilling it on charcoal). Sounds hassle with charcoal and stuffs, but I can gurantee the difference. (note: you can reheat it by using the oven or microwave, no problem at all)
Let’s get started !!!

You’ll need the following ingredients :

* 1kg of minced meat (based on your preference – in my case, I’m using minced pork)

Marinate the minced meat with the following ingedients :

* 200g brown sugar

* 28g soy sauce

* 40g oyster sauce

* 1 teaspoon salt

* 90g honey

* 3 tablespoon fish sauce (add more if you prefer salty)

* 3 tablespoon of henessy (or chinese cooking wine will do as well)

* White peppers (for taste – in my case, I’m using about 3-5g)



And, this steps will guide you in making your very own Bak Kwa :

1. Stir all seasoning until it blended well

2. Put in the minced meat, stir it in ONE direction only usign chopstick for about 10-15minutes (or until the meat is fully stick to each other)

3. Place into clean food container, seal it and put in the fridge for about 2-3hours (I prefer to keep it for about 18-24hours for the sauce to be fully absorbed into the meat)

4. Spread it evenly on baking tray. Thickness if depending on own preference.

5. Bake it in the oven for 15minutes at 160 degree. (Caution : Remember to preheat your oven)

6. Take it out and cut it into smaller pieces. And bake it again at 160 degree for 15 minutes. And it is ready to serve.

Note : I wrapped it nicely and put it into freezer, and only grilled it on the charcoal on the Chinese New Year eve as mentioned above.

Combined shots taken during my class..
After baked he bak kwa with oven. It is actually can be served already, but i frozen it for grill later on.
Grilling process using charcoal… Satisfying !!!
It’s ready to go into my tummy.. Yummy !!! (Final look of my bak kwa)

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