Ecotool : All time favorite makeup brushes


Many of my friends were wondering what makeup brushes I use and what is my all time favorite, and here we go for the answer (It just gave me another topic to write about)

“My all time favorite makeup brushes is ECOTOOLS”

If you are first to this brand – ECOTOOLS, here is some of the introduction. ECOTOOLS was born in year 2007 by sisters, Jen and Stacey. They set out to create a brush collection that was not only environmentally friendly, but chic, high-quality, and affordable too. 

What makes me so in love with this brand? 

  1. Cruel FREE – no animal hair or whatsoever. I love animals too !! 
  2. Recycled Materials – let’s love our environment more. 
  3. Tree FREE – love their effort of 20% cotton & 80% bamboo fibres on packaging. 
  4. Recycled Bamboo – their brush holder main materials are from recycled bamboo. 
  5. Ability picking up products – very good at picking up products including powder, shimmer, metalic or even matte finishes.
  6. Application – no brushes strokes while applying foundation. Easy application for eyeshadows (very close to hand swatches)and it is superb blendable !!
  7. Soft brush hair – love how soft yet workable brush on skin. Double thumbs up !! The brush hair is very compact as well (lesser fallout) when apply. 
  8. Price – superb affordable brush which quality is as good as some branded brushes in the market.
  9. Design – they used to have brown bamboo holder, but recently they launched white bamboo holder – sleek design and looks exclusive ! 
  10. Travel friendly – they do come in handy with mini travel size brushes which is perfect for travelling, but I’ll just carry the actual size sometimes~

Part of my ECOTOOLS collection on my vanity : 

If you are looking for some affordable makeup brush, you may try out this. I hope you will like it as much as I do. It is currently available in stores (SHINS outlet) in Malaysia. Or otherwise, you can grab it online (direct from USA) like I do – I find it cheaper if buy direct from USA. 

Have a nice day lovelies 😘


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